Joy Living's story started here

· Our New Zealand story started in 1992 with Glen Poetolu, a New Zealand Maori and a father of two young children. Glen was increasingly concerned with the amount of sweets that his 6 year old son and 3 year old daughter were consuming; there was no nutritional benefit and this was also resulting in serious tooth decay. As a NZ Maori, Glen knew about the magical healing benefits of Manuka honey and he was inspired to start creating his own candies made from this very ingredient. Glen soon became well known for his famous Manuka Honey Lozenges and they are still used today, 20 years later to treat people with dry, scratchy throats and as a healthy treat for children. 

· We thank Glen for sharing his secret recipe with JOY LIVING as we continue to further improve the active ingredients and develop new flavours. JOY LIVING are committed to producing natural health food and nutritional supplements for all of your family’s wellness needs. 


  • Certification of health snack series

    Certification of health snack series

    ·HACCP certified.
    ·New Zealand made and Kiwi bird trademark registered.
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  • Certification of dietary supplement series

    Certification of dietary supplement series

    ·GMP certified.
    · Australia made and Kagaroo trademark registered.
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